Twas the night before xmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring,not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…..

The hell with this BS. Here is how its done VIZIONZ style while I am drinking Crown and Coke and listening to the new AC/DC album……….

Twas the night before xmas and all thru the shop
the radio was blarin so gawtdamn loud
ya couldn’t even hear a bomb drop
Zig was wrenchin on a customers bike with care
not even giving a shit that his plumbers crack was bare
Henry showed up with a few cases of bud light
and Zig says,”I could piss better beer than that!” RIGHT!!!
Danvil shows up with his dick in one hand and miche in the other
and say’s,”Hey Zig,I just did your freakin mother!”
Unko Mike arrives with his bass and a container of his chili
then lets out a wet soundin fart while he scratches his willy
Zig hands him a roll of TP cuz he fuckin shit himself
but he used the repair orders on the “repairs done” shelf
Church wanders in like a papa smurf on crack
just bein himself and talkin all kinds of smack
The guys start to get all their guitars tuned up just right
so we can start our practice for the long night
Then Danvil breaks out a 1/5 bottle of fuckin Jack
and Church grabs the bottle like a freakin maniac
Ray shows up with some massive wreaking green
and Mikey follows and spills his drink on me
Everything was fine for the first few tunes or two
till the booze started kickin in like freakin “KABOOM!”
Then we went into overdrive and turned it way the hell up
and people started arriving from nowhere…what the fuck?
Next thing ya know there are kegs and bottles all over the place
and we just kept jammin at our freakin aggressive pace
As the hours went on and chicks were down to their thongs
VIZIONZ knew that on xmas eve,this is where they belonged
All of a sudden some fat white dude in red showed up all ho ho ho
then Ray handed him a beer and his pipe and said “enjoy the show”
The fat dude in red took a big hit and downed his beer
then joined the band for a rendition of “leave me here”
After some tunes like “paranoid” and “god of thunder”
the fat bastard started to look in a world of wonder
then took a deep long fat hit and downed another beer
“I need to deliver all these presents and I only got few hours to go!”
So the band stepped up and said,”We will deliver with rock n roll!”
So we cranked up the amps and pounded on the drums
to cause a sound wave and deliver presents to everyone.
Before the sun rose,everyone had their gifts that the elves had made
and Santa laid back in his chair thinkin bout the tunes he played
then looked at VIZIONZ and said,”All I have to say to you bastards of a hive,”
“In 2015 when you guys start tearin it up on stage live.”
“Make sure ya call me to crank it up high”
“Cuz we are all metalheads,ya freakin bastards,you and I”
“And I love it loud till the fuckin gawtdamn day I die!!!”
And we watched him in awe as he flew not quite out of sight
And then looked at Church and yelled into the sky

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